Walter Seidl's artistic work deals with the transition of narrative, photography-based structures into proto-filmic scenarios. The ephemeral notions of the subjects' encounters in Seidl's photography allude to stories, which are open to a number of possible interpretations but always derive from the artist's personal relationships. The models in Seidl's photographs are mostly close friends whose lives are taken as the starting point for further reflection. The traditional medium in which Seidl presents his work are slide installations with sound, where real and fictional realms mingle in order to hint at the present conditions of life with its socio-political impacts. 

— Ursula Maria Probst, Vienna


Marina Gržinic / Walter Seidl:
Unexpectedly (de-)fictionalized

Ursula Maria Probst:
Post-Gender Reality Slideshow

Both texts are from the book:
Walter Seidl / DISplay (Fotohof Edition, Salzburg 2008).

Born 1973 in Graz, Austria, lives in Vienna Studied cultural studies (MA) and contemporary history (PhD) at universities in Graz, Seattle (photography), Paris and New York. Seidl works as artist curator, and artist. His photographic and video-based work deals with the transformation of image politics and the identity constellations inherent therein.

Seidl curated numerous exhibitions throughout Europe, North America, Hong Kong, Japan and South Africa. His writings include various catalog essays for artist monographs, exhibition reviews, and criticism. Seidl contributes to several international art magazines, most frequently to Camera Austria, springerin and Život umjetnosti.