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photo-sound installation, 12:40 min (2014)

The photo-sound project "watashi-tachi", which translates into "we" or "us" deals with the rapid changes in Japan's metropolises, among them mainly Tokyo. Cityscapes and changing image politics in public space try to reflect and counterbalance hegemonic power structures. In crisis-ridden times, a plethora of media images suggests hyper-perfection in everyday life, with which everybody, we and us try to identify.

At fast-moving pace, the project reflects on a seemingly unfailing devotion to life, demons for work and a 24/7 frisky attitude of people. Everything seems to be possible, at least on a medial surface. The soundscape underlines the ambience felt in certain moments, while the poetic text tries to fathom all possible identity formations inherent in Japanese city life. What is perfectly conceived for a lived reality seems to surpass any conventional concepts of life.

music: stefan geissler
text / voice-over: yasuhiro yotsumoto
voice-over: kae uchihashi
production: stefan geissler, walter seidl

CLICK TO SEE THE PHOTO-SOUND INSTALLATION / Translation of the text by Yasuhiro Yotsumoto (Click here)