Beyond Darkness

photo-sound installation, 2:44 min (2009)

The photo-sound project "Beyond Darkness" traces paths in urban surroundings, which are characterized by uncanny situations and moments of lurking insecurity. Various textual information and warning signs testify to the notion of heightened awareness for unexpected things to happen. Danger as an imminent part of public space, especially in metropolitan cities, becomes a topic which has increasingly been dealt with in recent years. 

Graffiti on the walls pleading to bring American soldiers back to their country reverses the notion of terror coming from the inside to state-supported mechanisms of war. Night-shots of partly invisible, blurred people wandering through the streets, bars and hallways create a story around mystic encounters in media-observed territories. The series poses questions about the routines of daily life and the automatic exposure to surveillance techniques and moments of personal alienation.

music: Stefan Geissler
production: Stefan Geissler + Walter Seidl