D & K

2015 — 2022
double analog b/w slide projection
Sound: John Parish

The split-screen slide projection D & K focuses on the life of a married couple in the New York City area and beyond, living up to the standards of city life in a 21st century dystopic metropolis. New York City has been a site for numerous photographic and filmic settings, which originally started off as a black and white narrative. Although the time is the present, the project forms a proto-filmic scenario hinting at a history of b/w imagery, which is reinforced through the rhythmic presentation via two carousels.

The photos oscillate between a staged and snapshot esthetic as well as between private and public space. Shifting between high and lowbrow culture, hubris and the everyday, D & K stands for the initials of the two protagonists performing in a reality-driven but fictional-looking setup, which also includes trips to cities such as Paris or Vienna.