split-screen b/w & color slide installation (2003 — 2005)

The split-screen photo and sound project FLUCtuate approaches the events in a Viennese bar/music/exhibition and concert space, whose temporary location in the premises of a railway station has become one of the city’s most popular and yet diverse club area from 2002 to 2005. As a temporary, fluctuating space, FLUC has become an important interaction zone, whose ongoing media presence and successful thinking lies in the hands of a few people from the Viennese arts and music scene. With photography and sound, FLUCtuate reflects the social practices in this space, whose temporal limitedness has been clear from the beginning due to 

architectural renovation processes in the surrounding urban environment. Photography and sound demonstrate possible interaction models testifying to the social status of FLUC: from concert hall and intimate DJ-ing location to exhibition site and meeting place for intellectually and romantically stimulating encounters. The project resulted in collaboration with Viennese sound artist Stefan Geissler to capture the two essential components of the space: its changing visual aesthetics and musical elements ranging from guitar rock to electronic experiments.