photo-sound installation, 6:48 min (2012)

ST. continues the original project D & S by referring to the first name initials of the protagonists. After ten years the parameters of the couple´s relationship have changed, yet gender relations again form the central theme of following two women through the dynamics of life in and around New York City. The multiplicity of metaphors behind the title alludes to 

the romantic qualities of cohabitation, which make partners follow a route alongside similar behavior patterns and predilections. Day and night alternate in unison with personal bonding and companionship. The ephemeral notion of life fleeting through public and private space relates to the demands placed upon contemporary notions of secularity.

photos / text: walter seidl
music: stefan geissler
voice-over: sarah m. garcia, toni m. pagliarini
production: stefan geissler, walter seidl