Zones Urbaines/
Urban Zones

March 20 — April 6, 2019
Austrian Postal Savings Bank,
Vienna [Österreichische Postsparkasse]

Artists: Sabine Bitter / Helmut Weber,
Mohamed Bourouissa, Valérie Jouve,
Aglaia Konrad, Claudia Larcher, Lise Sarfati

The exhibition was curated on the occasion of the relaunch of the month of photography in Vienna [FOTO Wien] and explored the processual nature of a festival that began in Paris and now extends across many of Europe’s major cities. Austrian and French photographers were invited to examine the phenomenon of the city, or, urban zones, and to explore the spheres of influence of life in spaces where different sociotopes condition one another and social action always occurs within a specific architectural setting.

The aim of the project was two-fold: firstly, to take a closer look at Vienna and Paris as cities and, secondly, to examine urban space as such and the use of the medium of photography to draw a bead on urban action and activism from various angles.

1 Aglaia Konrad
2 – 5 Mohamed Bourouissa
6 – 7 Lise Sarfati
8 – 9 Valérie Jouve